February 2, 2024

Excellence Strategy (ExStra) – SCALE continues to final stage of competition

The SCALE consortium is officially invited to submit the full proposal for the Excellence Strategy (ExStra) and with it reaches the final stage of the competition. The SCALE draft proposal was one out of 143 draft proposals submitted to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in May 2023. The decision to invite 41 Excellence Initiatives to the final phase of the competition was made by the Excellence Commission on the basis of the Committee of Experts’ recommendations.

The Clusters of Excellence funding line is designed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) to support project-based funding in internationally competitive fields of research at universities or university consortia and to strengthen Germany’s position as an outstanding research hub in the long term and further improve its international competitiveness. The final funding decision on the future Clusters of Excellence will be made on 22 May 2025.

The official press release of the DFG can be read here: https://www.dfg.de/de/service/presse/pressemitteilungen/2024/pressemitteilung-nr-04

and detailed information about the Excellence Strategy (ExStra) here: https://www.dfg.de/en/research-funding/funding-initiative/excellence-strategy

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